Silvano Lattanzi Shoes

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$ 4,500.00
$ 1,200.00
  • Handmade in Italy
  • 100% Leather
  • IT 6 1/2 - US 7 1/2 in Red

In 1974, Silvano created his first collection. Composed of 24 models that he presents at the Bologna Exhibition, the collection brought on a shock: in those years men's shoes were conceived only as black or brown, Silvano proposed provocative colours like red, blue, yellow and green mixed together and with an 'aged' look. This earned him his the first official acknowledgement: 'Qualità Italia'.

In the coming fifteen years, Silvano built his brand, and in 2001, Paolo and Roberta, Silvano's son and daughter, who have always been highly involved in the life of their company, enter officially to become part of it, supporting the international development of the Italian company.

Not only the eleven mono-trademark boutiques present in the most prestigious places of the world, but also their selected retailers that from Japan to Australia with the Lattanzi product are spokesmen of the true quality and of the authentic Made in Italy. (Source: